Monday, March 16, 2009


Poor Togo broke his arm yesterday! We had Shelby (codee's pitbull/lab) and Togo running behind a school and playing. Shelby accidentally ran over Togo while she running full speed and trampled him. He started yelping and we knew right away it was broken. Well... no vets are open on Sunday especially in Utah County. We brought him up to Salt Lake to a vet that's open 7 days a week. After a couple hours and few x-rays they put big green cast on him arm and sent him home. It hasn't been fun so far. He cried all night long and would hardly eat. He's slowly getting used to 3 legs and just drags him cast behind him as he hobbles along. It'll be 6 weeks before the cast is off... poor little guy. :(


So we decided to follow the trend and start a blog... yay!! We really don't know how to do much on this thing but we'll get it down eventually. Only married people have blogs but we're breaking the rules on this one. We do what we want! We have a puppy, he is a Brussels Griffon and his name is Togo (Toe-Go). Codee is in school at SLCC studying engineering. Rachel graduates from the U in May in Electronic Journalism. Other than that... we don't know what to say... welcome to our blog!