Saturday, November 19, 2011

Why Hello...

It's been a while since I last blogged.
June? Really?
I know I'm pathetic.
I'd like to promise that I will get better about blogging but I don't think I will.

I've realized something today, and it's that I don't always appreciate the blessings in my life. And it's sad that it took a scary event to slap me in the face.
With it being the week of Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving is one of my FAVORITE holidays... I really needed a wake up call.

Codee is in his second season of snow plowing Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons. (Kind of a scary job, the Discovery Channel covered a documentary on them last year. It's pretty intense) Now to brag on my husband for a minute... there is a reason he plows the canyon, because he is one of the best. They have special avalanche trainings if a situation ever occurs and they have to wear avalanche beacons every time they go up the canyon. What wife wouldn't be a little nervous?

Last night was the first snow storm of the season and Codee was scheduled to go up at 9 p.m. On the way up the canyon his truck began to slide. Knowing he wouldn't make it up the canyon he was able to turn around and head back down the mountain... As he turned around, he lost traction and began to slide. He was fish-tailing back and forth down the canyon all the while picking up speed. Up ahead there was bend in the road and with no contol of his truck, he thought for sure he would roll down the side of the mountain. He prepared to take the truck off the cliff, but with a moment of luck, was able to put both of his plows down and barely steer the truck into the side of the mountain where he crashed into a ditch. Very shaken up he was able to call another driver to come help pull him out of the mountain. The other driver began to slide when he got to Codee's truck and between the two trucks they were blocking off the whole road. Only one car slid off onto the shoulder and deputies were able to slow down other cars just in time.
It's honestly a miracle that no one was seriously hurt, including Codee who could have went off a cliff.

I am so thankful for Codee and that he works so hard to provide for us. I don't ever want to imagine being widowed at 25. I know I need to make the time to thank those who mean the world to me. I am so grateful for the amazing life I have and wouldn't trade it for anything.