Friday, May 6, 2011


Last week we had a bit of a pigeon problem...

After work on Monday I was walking up the stairs to our apartment and when I got to the last set of stairs there was a group of pigeons sitting on our door step and the railing by our front door. And one of them had RED EYES!! Aaahhhhh!!!
I had scream and yell to get them to leave! The week continued...

Tuesday... PIGEONS
Wednesday... PIGEONS
Thursday... PIGEONS
Friday... Pigeons

Saturday morning... a nest appears in the corner of our doorstep. Really pigeons?! You can't build a nest here! So we threw it away.

Sunday morning... an EGG! Yes a freaking pigeon egg!
I was freaking out at this point. It's bad enough that every day I come home I have to shake my keys like a mad woman and yell at the top of my lungs just to get them to leave. But now an egg?!?!?! You've got to be kidding me!

Sunday Evening... a new nest starts to form around the egg. Ugh!

Monday morning... mother pigeon sitting on the egg.
At this point I get evil looks from the red eyed pigeon every time I get near my door. The mother and father pigeon would only fly away about 15 feet every time I yelled at them. So annoying!

So I was telling my friend Allison at work about my problem and she told me her Grandpa used to raise pigeons. So she called him and he said just to throw it away. So I had Codee throw the egg and nest away before I got home from work.

I kinda felt bad... a little like a home wrecker. I took away their pigeon house and destroyed their baby. Sorry dear pigeons...
But you freak me out with your red eyes and the way you flap your wings at me when I come home. The next step was to shoot you.

The pigeon problem is finally over... they havent been near our front door all week. My mother-in-law joked that it could've been a stork leaving something else on the doorstep. Haha!

(please ignore that I still have a snowman door mat from Christmas)

Sunday, May 1, 2011


We had Mariah over one night before Easter to have dinner and dye Easter eggs. Mariah chose Chili's for dinner where we stuffed our faces with 3 different appetizers and each got our own entre. Never been so full in my life!
We came back to our place where we dyed some pretty rad eggs and listened to Justin Bieber.

Mariah's Beeber Feever Egg

Togo's egg!

Zola's egg!