Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Yay we've got one year of marriage under our belt! I can't believe its already been a year, it seems like just the other day we were saying our vows. According to Codee it seems like 5 years... but in a good way. Normally I would find this a little offensive but he assured me its because he's always felt like we belong together.

I feel like we've accomplished a lot our first year. Living together has been a lot of fun. We've learned to work out finances and budgeting, cooking, keeping up household chores and communicating more effectively.

So to celebrate the occasion we took a weekend trip to sunny St. George. The weather was perfect and we had an amazing time not having any agenda. My boss let us use his condo the first night and we booked a hotel room for the last 2 nights. We did lots of shopping and relaxing. We also bought tickets for Grease at Tuacahn.

Water for Elephants at the dollar movie

Grease Lightening!


We saved the top tier of our wedding cake for our anniversary. And it actually tasted really good. It was wrapped in 3 layers of saran wrap, 3 layers of freezer paper and tinfoil and it made it through the year in our freezer.


We did NOT smash cake in each others face at our wedding so we figured we had to at least do it on our anniversary.


Even Togo and Zola got a piece...