Monday, May 18, 2009


Codee and I spent all of last week at the "happiest place on Earth". We went to celebrate our one year anniversary, my graduation and my birthday. My grandma and her two kids, as well as my cousin and his wife were also down at the same time. Everybody did their own thing for the most part but we did meet up a few times for rides and dinner.

The first day, Codee and I flew into Orange County and went to West Hollywood and CityWalk. I worked at the Guess store in CityWalk all last summer while I was living in LA so we went back and saw a lot of my old friends I worked with. After CityWalk we took The Metro (the subway) to Hollywood and Highland. We ate lunch at the Audrey Hepburn Cafe where we went last summer. Then we just did some shopping and site seeing in Hollywood. Later that night we went to the Angels game with my family. Unfortunately, the Red Sox beat my team... But we did see a drunk Red Sox fan throw beer all over an Angels fan. Pretty funny story...

Krissy, Me and Susie at Guess
The next day we went to California Adventure. Codee and I did every ride and ate lunch at an AMAZING restaurant inside the park. Our favorite ride, hands down, was the new Toy Story Ride. It's a 4D game extravaganza!!! I know I can't come close to explaining how much FUN this ride was. It has all the characters from Toy Story and you play these carnival games with each character from the show. (Ring toss with the aliens, gun shooting with Woody and Jesse, target shooting with the Army guys) That night we met my family in Disneyland and did a few rides before the park closed. We also got our first of MANY churros that we had.

Day Two was mostly spent in Disneyland. We were with my family the majority of the day. It was also my Birthday!!!! Disneyland gave me a pin to wear all day and everyone in the park told me "Happy Birthday" all day. We got to go into the park an hour early (called Magic Morning) and it wasn't very magical. There were 2 rides open and that was pretty much it. Codee and I did a lot of rides with my Grandma's two kids, Mariah and Anthany. We went to Toontown and did most the rides in the park. That night we met up with my family and went to the Rain Forrest Cafe for my birthday dinner. They gave us a HUGE cake and ice cream VOLCANO! Yummy!!

Day three we did everything we didn't do and wanted to do again. We were running back and forth between the parks all day. That night Disneyland had fireworks in the park. This was the longest day of all!! Codee and left our hotel at 9:30 in the morning and didn't get back until 12:30 am!! The next day we went swimming at the Disneyland Hotel pool with Mariah and Anthany. It was so nice to relax after so much walking the past few days.

Our last day of the vacation we took a rental car to Newport and Laguna Beach. I can't even begin to describe how AMAZING Newport beach was! The water was warm, and the tide was slowly coming back in. As we were walking along we saw 7-10 dolphins coming up out of the water about 75 yards away from us. It was so pretty! We also got some awesome sea shells!! We drove down the coast to Laguna and ate lunch. We also drove around some AMAZING houses! Laguna has to be one of the most beautiful places I've ever been!

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