Sunday, July 5, 2009

New Dog... sort of

Togo's cast finally came off! (It actually came off 2 weeks ago) The veterinarian brought him out and I started to cry a little. We weren't sure if it was going to come off that day, it all depended on the x-rays and what the doctor thought. I was so happy when they brought him out and I saw his little arm with no cast! His arm was all shriveled up and looked so SKINNY! When I picked him up and got a good look at his arm, there was the BIGGEST, UGLY sore on his arm. It was a big sore of matted hair, scab and dried blood. The next few days, he would hardly walk on it and hobbled around on 3 legs. I had to wait a week for his sore to fall off before I could take him to the groomer. I told them to just shave him and leave him a little beard (Brussels Griffons are known for their beards). When I picked him up, he was a whole new dog. He gets an attitude after hair cuts, it is SO FUNNY! So here is our new, not broken anymore, dog... TOGO.

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