Monday, October 5, 2009


Codee and I were randomly selected to participate in a $20,000 wedding package giveaway last Friday morning. 6 a.m. in Heritage Park is freezing. We gathered with the other couples in one of the little houses where they dressed us up in pioneer attire. I wore a lovely puke colored gown with a pea green apron and Codee wore a button up cowboy shirt with a rancher style vest and a straw hat.
Fox 13 News and 97.1 zht were broadcasting the event all morning. Our first competition was a wedding cake eating contest. Each bride had to eat a 7 inch round cake and finish with a glass of milk. I wanted to start the competition off strong. I didn't get out of my warm bed at 5 a.m. to lose. I pounded the cake like there was no tomorrow and finished in 3rd place. Only 15 brides continued to the next round.
Round 2 was a handcart pulling contest. The grooms sat inside the handcart while the brides pulled them up a hill and around a corner. We raced one other couple and a had a shaky start. (It's harder then it would seem.) But I built up some good momentum and started to pass the other couple. We came to the turn and they totally cut us off. But I kept pulling and kept up with them till the finish line. My legs were shaking so bad! After that round, the wedding cake started to come up. Not fun... But we were judged on time and made it to the next round. 5 couples were eliminated.
For the 3rd round they put us in a corn field with 5 chickens. There were only 10 brides. I have never picked up a chicken and the thought actually scared me. Do they bite? What if it flaps its wings like crazy and hits me in the face? I just tried to picture that I'd be picking up Togo. Surprisingly I got the first chicken! And it was a while before the next ones were caught. The chicken just came over and nicely let me pick her up and hold her. Maybe it was because she had to poo the second I held her. All of sudden we were in the last round! We were pretty stoked. The wedding giveaway could realistically almost be ours.
They didn't really tell us what we'd be doing for the final round. But had us change into these disgusting wedding dresses that looked like they were from the 1940's. Then they put us in front of a pile of horse manure. Yes, I said horse manure. They had buried a men's tungsten wedding band in the pile and the first one to find it won the ring and the entire wedding giveaway. "Ugh! Are you serious?!?!" Is all I could think. But the competitive drive kicked in and I was determined to get that wedding band! It wasn't as bad as I thought. I guess I was just really focused. Manure, hay and dirt were flying EVERYWHERE! After a while they told us which side of the pile it was on and that it was near the edge. Every girl went diving and it was pure chaos. I was digging in my little area and started getting more towards the middle so I concentrated on a area to my side. All of sudden another girl took over my previous spot and within 10 seconds had found the ring! Why was I so impatient? So snatched it before every girl dog piled on top of her. She ran to the other side and do a "manure angel". It was pretty funny actually.
Although we didn't win. We had so much fun competing and still received a gift bad with some wedding goodies and some concert and movie tickets. Plus our faces all over the morning news. If I had the chance to do it again I'd do it in a heartbeat. We just had so much fun doing something so "different" together.

and I will try and get pictures from the radio station posted soon.


  1. bahahaha! sounds like you had fun even though you were digging in poo! Congrats on getting that far that's awesome!

  2. That is awesome!! You are a such a good sport with the manure and all. I've done all my internet haunting I could and can't find any info on Ten Acres, did you?

  3. Yeah we really had a good time. I FINALLY (after a month) got a phone number for the caretaker of ten acres. I had Codee call him last week and he was the biggest dick ever! He told us no or that we'd have to pay $20,000 just to rent the property. I seriously cried! And sulked for 3 days. The dress I had picked out, but thankfully not purchased, was to go for Ten Acres and a Western/Rustic theme I wanted. So now I'm starting over with all plans.
    Although the lady who I heard about ten acres from said she would call the owner of the property and see if she could maybe get it for us. But I'm not getting hopes up. Have you found a place yet?

  4. That's awesome! I watched the video and it looked liked it would have been a lot of fun!

  5. I love heartland paper too! I've never taken a class, I've just bought the kits. Have you seen if they have any cute Christmas projects?

  6. This is hilarious! Those are some memories I'm sure you'll never forget!