Friday, November 20, 2009


Every year my family has a Halloween party where everyone brings a soup and we carve pumpkins. Codee and I brought our famous (yes its famous) chicken enchilada soup. Codee's mom and little brother came down from Logan to go with us. Codee's pumpkin was seriously AMAZING! OH! And I need mention that Codee is the worlds fastest pumpkin gut cleaner. He can clean out any regular size pumpkin in under 2.75 minutes.

And for Halloween night we took Mariah and her best friends Chelsey trick-or-treating again this year. Our costumes were very last minute. I threw together a Little Red Riding Hood costume and Codee wore a scary mask. I promise next year I am going to get us some WICKED costumes to make up for us not dressing up the past 2 years.
We started our trick-or-treating excursion in Draper. We thought the huge million dollar mansions by the Draper Temple would be handing out $100 bills. Boy were we wrong. All the girls got was a couple lame tootsie rolls. So went back to our original plan to go back to Canal Road in Taylorsville like we did last year. The houses were much more generous. Each girl ended up with 11 big candy bars and lots of other good stuff.
And my Togo Love was so ADORABLE in his lobster costume! Everyone loved him! He even got a couple dog treats from some houses.

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