Monday, January 18, 2010


Codee and I had an amazing Christmas! The day was a little crazy trying to visit family, but that's how it always is right? Codee came to my house in the morning and we opened presents with my family and then we did our gifts for each other. My parents got us a kitchen table! I already knew that's what we were getting because we picked it out in November. But it's what I've been telling them I want all year.
Codee spolied me with new jeans from Buckle, a fossil watch, a cowgirl bracelet that I love, a new purse and gift cards to my favorite craft stores. And just when I thought he was done, he went out to his car and brought in a big heavy box... with a Kitchenaid Mixer!!! I've been saying we should get one for a while but I didn't think he'd actually suprise me with one.
After gifts we made breakfast with my family and took a nap. Later that night we headed to both of my grandparents to have 2 dinners and desserts.
Since the majority of Codee's family lives in Cache Valley we couldn't drive up for the whole day. So we went up to Wellsville/Logan the Sunday after Christmas to spend the whole day with them. His mom made a delicious Christmas dinner and we exchanged gifts with everyone. It was so nice to get away for the day and head out of Salt Lake.
Altough we had an amazing Christmas with gifts and all, the real gift and thing I was most thankful for this season was family. I feel so lucky to have Codee in my life and that's the best gift I could ever ask for. We also have AMAZING family members around us. They are so much better then any gift from Santa. It's hard sometimes being away from Codee's family and not seeing them very often, but when we do see them I feel so loved and so grateful for the time we have with them. I'm so excited to officially and legally become a part of his family. Next Christmas I will be Rachel Raymond... YAY!!!
My mixer!!!

One of Codee's new watches

Fabulous Christmas

Our cute little tree in my bedroom

Codee. Nat. Chase

Londyn (Codee's neice with her dress up box we got her)

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