Monday, February 15, 2010


Aaahhh... Valentines Day. I find that most people either hate it or love it. We are on the "love it" side. Not that we need a special day to celebrate our loviness (if that's a word) but it's just something to look forward to out of our day to day routines.
Friday doesn't really count towards Valentines because Codee dragged me to the Hunting Expo. I guess it was just payback for the 2 bridal shows I dragged him too. But I did it because I LOVE him...
Saturday we planned on going out to delicious Market Street but halfway through the day I thought cooking dinner together might be more fun. Cooking is actually something we really enjoy doing together. So we made a shrimp, scallop and noodle pasta dish. It turned out just okay... But just as we sat down to eat Codee put a blind fold over my eyes and then presented me with a beautiful flower arrangement... lillies, roses, carnations and a bunch of other non-traditional Valentines flowers. Which I loved because I really wasn't wanting roses.
Sunday, I got more flowers! Codee heard me saying I wanted red tulips at the Hunting Expo. That night we had tickets to Josh Turner out in Wendover with my honeybee friend Tina and her fiance Andrew. We met at Squatters downtown (which is amazing by the way, the mac & cheese and the italian pizza are to die for) for some good pub grub. Then we took the long and boring drive to Wendover. The show didn't start till 8 so we browsed the casino for a bit and headed to the concert hall about 7:40. Well, when we got there the doors were locked and nobody was waiting in line. Once they let us in we realized the show had started at 7. Oops! My fault... So we enjoyed 5 out of 16 songs and then got back into the car for the long drive back. All well...
So overall, I'd say we had a successful Valentines weekend, minus missing the Josh Turner concert. I had a fun weekend hangin out with my love.

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