Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Chicks

Mariah and I had craft night last weekend. Codee went up to his friends to watch the UFC fights so we had a girls night. We made these really cute chick eggs from my work. We painted the our chicks and glued fun paper to the front of them. Then we added beaks, feet and eyes for the finishing touches. They turned out adorable and we had a blast hanging out. They made a great addition to our Easter decor.

Mariah's Chick

My Chick


  1. Those are adorable!! I want to make one! You are so crafty! I need to come into your work and buy some projects!!

    p.s. What type of dog is Togo? He is adorable!!

  2. Ya! You should come in. We have so many fun projects. And Togo is a brussels griffon.