Wednesday, July 7, 2010

MR. & MRS.

The wedding is over and life is starting to go back to normal. I guess I can say normal... we've never been married before so we're transitioning into what I'm assuming will be our normal life. But we'll talk about our new life together and transitioning in another post. This post is about the wedding.

Our wedding day was perfect. Absolutely perfect... It was even better than I would've ever imagined. The garden where we had our ceremony was so beautiful, so striking, so absolutely amazing and gorgeous that I can't find a word to describe it (not even the thesauruses had a better word suggestion). The colors from the flowers, the blue sky, the warm sun... and it was all just so bold. Yes... bold.
The music timed perfectly, my dad looked so happy and Codee cried. My handsome husband I saw standing under the arbor was the best thing my eyes has ever seen. I can't describe the feeling I had walking through the windy mossy path. It was just perfect. I don't remember anyone from the ceremony but me, him, Bishop Gray and our vows. I couldn't see anything else but the moment I was in.

Our reception was a blast! It was so good to see so many people. I never got bored with our line. Although I'm sure my bridesmaid and the groomsmen were bored out of their minds. Our cake was delicious and thank heaven he didn't smash it in my face. Our dessert crepes were fabulous. First dance was like no other dance I've danced before.. and the entire night was AMAZING.



  1. Rachel, I am so happy for you!! Marriage is an adjustment, but a wonderful one! I'm glad your day was so perfect!

  2. Such a beautiful wedding! Your photos are amazing and you looked gorgeous!

  3. Rach you look gorgeous! I wish I could have been in town to be there! Hope all is well. Congrats, & good luck with the million thank-you's you now have to do!