Sunday, August 29, 2010


We'd like you to meet the newest addition to the Raymond family....


Yesterday, on our way to the grocery store we ended up taking a different route than we normally do. No specific reason ... its just the way we ended up going. Strangely enough our topic of conversation was about when we first got Togo, something that we don't talk about too often. Then on the corner was a sign that said "puppies for sale". I told Codee to stop so we could look, we didn't have to get one I just wanted to look. Sure enough they were Brussels Griffon puppies, the same breed as Togo... and one that is very uncommon and hard to find.
While on the corner playing with the puppies Codee looks at me and says, "I think we should get one, pick one." We have always said we wanted another dog that was the same breed but were planning on waiting until next spring/summer to start looking.
We debated on whether to get the shy, timid girl or the rambunctious, playful boy. We left and told the people that we would call them shortly with a decision. We figured it'd be good to have a dog that balanced Togo out. He's wild and crazy and she's shy and calm.
And so... she was ours. We went back and picked her up. It just felt so right to get her. The fact that we had taken a different route to the store than we normally do. The fact that we were talking about Togo when he was a puppy and when we first picked him up. And then, there she was. She fits in perfect with our little family.



  1. Yaaaay! I'm so glad you got the little girl :) Togo needed a friend!

  2. So cute! Now I want one! ...babies first...babies first... but puppies are so cute!