Friday, January 27, 2012


Life has made some small changes lately so here is an update to what blog followers I have left.

We went to Vegas for New Years to see our friends Seth and Kirie. People always ask what exciting things we are going to do in Vegas but to be honest we do NOTHING and it is freaking fabulous! We sleep in, make dinner, go grocery shopping and maybe get a Redbox. But we have the best time! Isn't Kirie the most adorable pregnant girl? Can't wait for Petri to get here!

Codee started the Engineering program at the U this semester. I am so proud that he has come this far and worked so hard to get where he is. When I see his homework it looks like some sort of ancient code. He will graduate in Spring 2014.
Isn't he adorable on his 1st day of school?

Since Codee is now going to school full time (he has always gone to school "full time" but now his classes are in the day) he is working a new job at UDOT. He is now working as a construction trainer. With day time school means less hours at work equaling less money. So we are now living on a student budget. Hasn't been too bad so far but if anyone has anyone cheap date ideas please send them my way.

My job has slowed down a little since our busy season ended but work is still crazy as ever. I seriosuly love my job! I love what I do. And I love the people I work with. I wish I was better at showing my appreciation sometimes but I am truly happy where I am right now.


  1. Is that really what I look like pregnant?! Haha...I haven't seen a picture of myself besides the typical "belly pics". It seriously made me laugh seeing my round belly. Too funny.

    We miss you guys already. We're really happy that you enjoy doing nothing in Vegas :) Because we always look forward to you guys coming down....highlight of our year!

  2. We still read your blog.

    I'm glad everything is going great. If you ever need a change of scenery Phillie is pretty awesome!