Tuesday, April 7, 2009


It seems like we've had a lot going on lately. So here's what we've been doing and some pictures to add to the fun. We had a birthday party for Togo.... Yes, I said a birthday party for our dog. Codee thinks I'm crazy and I'm sure the rest of the world does too but hey it's what I wanted to do. Togo is seriously like our child and we'd do anything for him. Anyways, he loves alligators! He has 2 alligator toys and they are his favorites. So I found a way cool alligator cupcake cake on the internet and copied it. (If anything, this party was just an excuse to have a way cool cupcake.) My sister helped me decorate it cause she's a decorating fool at Mrs. Fields. It was kind of informal, I wished I would've had some of our friends dogs come over for the festivities. (Razor, Mika, Chica, Kaya, Duke and Kourt) But my sister brought her dog and both my grandma's brought there dogs. The dogs had Milk Bones dipped in white chocolate and party hats. It was a pretty good time.

This past weekend we went to Bendover... oops... I mean Wendover. I won concert tickets to Deirks Bently and Phil Vassar on the radio. So we went out for a little weekend getaway. It was so nice to get out of Salt Lake and do something different. We both know Wendover is TRASH but it was entertaining to watch the trashy people. My family (Grandma, Aunt, Uncle, other Aunt and Uncle and cousin) came out on Saturday to go to Phil Vassar with us. And Codee's family (Mom, Dad, Sister, Sister's fiance, Brother, Brother's fiance) came out too to celebrate his sisters birthday. So the families got to meet over dinner and we went gambling/dancing later. Overall we had a good time...

Monday, Codee's mom had surgery so we went up to Logan to be with her. Everything went well and she'll be back to work in a couple weeks. We love you Kitt!
My Aunt Brenda dancing at Phil Vassar Kitt before surgeryShoni making an awesome flower arrangement at her work for Kitt

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  1. I think having a party for Togo is awesome! I especially like the alligator cake, yum!