Wednesday, September 9, 2009


For those of you who don't know (follow me closely) my grandma is raising her great granddaughter (Mariah) and the great granddaughters half brother Anthany. Mariah is my cousins daughter and has the same mom as Anthany. Anyways, we LOVE these kids! We try and do something with them once every week or two. We've been on many adventures together. From fishing to movies to swimming... we've done it all. It's so nice to give my grandma a break from the day. She definitely deserves it!
Well last week, my grandma's sister in St. George was going in for heart surgery and my grandma went down to be with her. So she asked Codee and I to step in for a few days. These kids aren't too young that they need constant supervision which is nice. We fixed dinner together, played on the swing set, watched the Disney Channel, played in the yard, homework, went to the orthodontist, back to school night, ice cream, packed lunches and made breakfast. Overall, it was a pretty fun couple days and fun to try out parenting. But I think for now we'll just keep Togo an only child.
Mariah going to school
My breakfast crepes
Getting ice cream after "Back 2 School Night"

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