Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Codee and I have started our first family tradition! We've decided to go to Lava Hot Springs, Idaho every Labor Day weekend. We went last year after I moved back to Utah from Los Angeles. We really had a good time this year. We stayed at Moose Hollow Lodge again. It's a cute Bed and Breakfast just a couple miles outside of town. They have a parrot named "Sunshine" who LOVES to wake us up in the morning with loud screaming. And they have roosters that crow at 5 a.m. And they just brought in some new ponies to the ranch. Although the animals wake us up we still love it. The couple that runs the B&B are so nice! They made us breakfast in the morning and made sure we were all taken care of.
Our first night in Lava we met up with Codee's friends Lance and Renee who were coincidentally staying the same weekend. We had a few drinks at the local dive before going to the hot springs for a few hours. The mineral water is so good for your skin and relaxes your entire body. After we couldn't take it anymore we ate at another dive cafe in town and headed to a biker bar for some entertainment. We saw a pregnant girl giving lap dances to her friends! It was so funny!! Just the people there were hilarious to watch.
The next day we went into town to hit all the funky shops. We met Lance and Renee for some ice cream and then rented tubes to ride the river. The water was seriously FREEZING! Codee fell off his tube 4 TIMES! And Renee had a pretty nasty fall and scraped her entire arm up. ( I wish I would've got a picture of it). Well 2 times down the river was enough for my freezing butt! Lance and Renee headed home and Codee and I ate at the Royal Pizzeria. We decided to spend the rest of the day at the pool and then head home later. Well the swimming pool put in some new speed slides this year that were SO FUN! I attempted to jump off the 3rd plat from but chickened out and went to the 2nd and then chickened out again and finally jumped off the 1st. HA HA! Codee decided to show me up and do an aerial off the 2nd platform.
We came home a little sun burnt and pretty tired but I can't wait to go back next year.

Moose Hollow Lodge
Sunshine and IPretty Bird!Prince the PonyRaspberry Cheesecake and Chocolate. YUMMY!Renee and LanceCodee and Lance playing dartsLance's dart some how got stuck in the ridiculously hard ceiling.New Speed SlidesGoodbye Lava!

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