Monday, December 27, 2010

TOP 10 OF 2010

Fun Times with Mariah
We always look forward to our time with Mariah. We've loved watching her grow this year (and not just taller.) We've been to Bees games with her, had craft nights, worked on homework, been to the science fair, coached her softball team, went to the Christmas Carol play and and who can forget the Justin Bieber conecert! And so much more. We love this girl to pieces!


This is was my 4th year being a honeybee. I love going to the ballpark and I love a good baseball game. And I get paid to go! This year was extra special because after getting married I didn't get to see Natalie as much so it was something that we could still do together.


My crafting skills have definitely come a long way this year. I started an etsy store and crafting has become my new #1 hobby. I've started teaching demonstrations and doing craft nights with my family and friends. I hope 2011 is an even bigger craft year for me.


We went to some fun places this year. The Hoover Dam, Vegas, Colorado, Bear Lake, Midway.


114th South
Codee has been working on the new 114th South interchange for the past couple years. And his segment was finally finished in October.


No More Math! Well math classes that is...
Codee took his LAST actual math class this last semester. Differential Equations. Although he'll have tons of math to do throughout his major he has finally reached the highest level of collegiate mathematics.


Wood Connection
My job has been a been huge blessing in our life. I started the end of February and I absolutely love it. I love going to work everyday. I was so unhappy with my work situation until the Wood Connection came along. My overall career aspirations are a bit confusing now but I can honestly say I love my job and I'd rather be doing something I love than be doing something I went to school for and hate it.


Although Zola has become "the big bully" in our house, she instantly became part of our family when we brought her home. She makes us laugh everyday. Zola and Togo couldn't live without each other and our the best kids we could ask for.

Home Sweet Home
Apartment hunting was the biggest headache for the first half of the year. We looked at sooo many places! Our apartment now is perfect and has become our "Home Sweet Home". It's been so much fun having a place of our own.


Getting Married
I can't believe we've been married for 6 months already. Our wedding day has definitely been the best part of our year. The best decision I've ever made is making my best friend my husband.

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  1. I'm copying you :) I need a reason to come out of my blogging hiatus.

    We're happy that we were the recipients of two of your trips to Vegas last year - and we're totally okay with it being the same way this year :D After all, you guys are our favorite visitors!